We can help you claim for

Damaged motorcycle

The cost to either repair or replace your motorcycle

Motorcycle hire

Hire whilst your motorcycle is being repaired or replaced

Rehab and medication

Expenses such as pain medication and treatment sessions

Helmet and clothing

Cost of replacing your damaged helmet and/or clothing

Loss of a holiday

Not being able to go or fully enjoy a planned holiday

Storage and recovery

Collecting and storing your motorcycle prior to repair

Phone and electronics

Cost of replacing/repairing these items so that you can keep in touch!

Parking costs

You will be surprised how quickly these add up!

Loss of Earnings

Including your basic wages/salary, overtime, bonuses, fringe benefits, etc

Pension contributions

Loss of pension contributions while you are absent from work

Loss of Congenial Employment

No longer being able to pursue your chosen line of employment

Travel costs

Costs of additional transport arising from your claim

Bike Assist Legal are motorcycle personal injury specialists who are focussed on ensuring that your claim journey is a smooth process and that you receive the care, support, treatment and compensation that you deserve.

We represent motorcyclists and scooter riders who have been involved in road traffic accidents and who have been injured and/or suffered damage to their motorcycles/scooters as a result of the road traffic accident.

Assistance with recovery, storage and hire:

We can help you arrange for your motorcycle to be recovered to a safe and secure garage whilst it is waiting to be inspected, repaired or replaced.

Should you need a replacement motorcycle whilst your motorcycle is off the road waiting to be inspected, repaired or replaced then we can help you arrange this so that you can get back on the road!

We work with one of the UK’s leading motorcycle hire providers who have 1st Tier Accreditation from the Association of British Insurers. They cover the whole of the UK and they provide recovery services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.