What can I claim for?

Personal Injury

The award for your personal injuries is known as General Damages or Pain Suffering and Loss of Amenity.

Injuries can be both physical and psychological in nature and can range from minor injuries (full recovery within a short period of time) to catastrophic injuries which have life changing consequences.

Your claim for personal injury is supported by medical/expert evidence, which will we arrange for you.

The Parties or the Court will consider previously decided cases of similar fact and circumstance to yours as well as The Judicial College Guidelines (which sets out a range of awards based on the extent of the injuries suffered) when valuing your claim for your personal injuries.

Types of financial losses:

The award for your financial losses is known as Special Damages and these are divided into Past and Future Special Damages.

Some examples (this list is far from exhaustive) of the types of losses that you can claim for are:

Damaged motorcycle

The cost to either repair or replace your motorcycle

Motorcycle hire

Hire whilst your motorcycle is being repaired or replaced

Rehab and Medication

Expenses such as pain medication and treatment sessions

Helmet and Clothing

Cost of replacing your damaged helmet and/or clothing

Loss of a holiday

Not being able to go or fully enjoy a planned holiday

Storage and recovery

Collecting and storing your motorcycle prior to repair

Phone and electronics

Cost of replacing/repairing these items so that you can keep in touch!

Parking costs

You will be surprised how quickly these add up!

Loss of Earnings

Including your basic wages/salary, overtime, bonuses, fringe benefits, etc

Pension contributions

Loss of pension contributions while you are absent from work

Loss of Congenial Employment

No longer being able to pursue your chosen line of employment

Travel costs

Costs of additional transport arising from your claim